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Bug Bounties and Mental Health (September 2018)
Hacking the NHS for Fun and No Profit (May 2017)
Hacking Imgur for Fun and Profit (July 2016)


Am I On Shodan? — Redirects you to your own IP on Shodan.
Public HackerOne Bug Reports — A list of all public bug reports on HackerOne.
Misc Hacker Docs — A collection of documents released by hackers.
Blaze — Blaze is a tool for encrypting files and storing them on a remote server.
Inventus — A subdomain gathering spider.
IP Cam Shell — A command line script for testing and exploiting a wide range of IP cameras.


Hi! I'm Nathan, a Dutch and Brit-ish hacker who likes adventure. I'm currently a full-time bug bounty hunter. Areas that interest me include application security, OSINT, social engineering, and IoT security. I'm very active in the Twitter infosec community, so give me a follow :-)


This is where all the interesting stuff is:

Twitter: @NathOnSecurity
Medium: @NathOnSecurity
Keybase: NathOnSecurity